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DOB 10/19/1982

Location: Coral Springs, Florida
190 lbs

I grew up in south Florida where I played all kinds of sports all the way through high school. Once in high school my main focus was wrestling, I was never very big or extremely fast so most sports were kind of out of the question for me. Growing up I was always very skinny but always wanted to one day have a physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Needless to say I still don’t look like him, but I’m working on it. During my wrestling days I wrestled at 112 pounds all the way through my senior year. At 18 years old standing 5’9 and 112 pounds I was basically skin and bones. On my last day of high school I signed up at LA Fitness to begin my journey in becoming “bigger”.

At first I had no idea what I was doing in the gym moving from machine to machine just trying to lift as much weight as I could. I realized that I had much to learn if I was one day going to have the physique I wished for. Lets just say I did a lot of reading and a lot of watching for a long time until I knew enough to start building size and strength.

A few years into my transformation I had put on about 50 pounds of muscle and knew I was hooked for life. Shortly after I began studying to become a personal trainer so I could help others reach their goals as I was doing.

At this point I drew a huge interest in the sport of bodybuilding. All though I was very much into the sport I never wanted to be 270 pounds, I wanted a more aesthetically pleasing physique like some of the earlier bodybuilders like Frank Zane, or Arnold.

The older I was getting the stricter I became with my diet and training regimen. Over the years of being a personal trainer I learned a lot about proper nutrition, training and supplementation. In the 2011 season the NPC introduced the new Men’s Physique division, which quickly caught my attention.

After reading about this new division I knew this was exactly what I was built for and I immediately began to prep for my first show. A little over 4 months later I was standing on stage receiving my Overall Trophy and Professional status. I was the first ever USA Championships overall Men’s Physique winner.

My ultimate goal now, is to one day be Mr. Olympia Physique!


IFBB Professional League

March 2012 IFBB Governors Cup
6th Place

NPC Amateur League

July 2011 USA Championships
July 2011 NPC Southern States
June 2011 WPB Bodybuilding Championships
1st Place and Overall
1st Place
1st Place

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